We mine and process our own Nickel, Manganese, and Cobalt, the rest of our precursor and rechargeable battery cell components we procure from our suppliers and partners throughout the region and the world.

Industrial safety is our core value. When choosing strategic partners, Aurora focuses on the optimal ratio of price-quality parameters. We want to work with suppliers interested in growth prospects with us.

To ensure compliance with our standards, we:

  • Conduct a preliminary assessment of suppliers for commercial and technical indicators

  • Evaluate technical and commercial proposals, taking into account energy efficiency, quality and cost indicators

  • Audit key suppliers

  • Monitor current efficiency and quality of products and services

  • Together with suppliers, we are developing a quality improvement plan and a corrective action plan

We are always open to discussions with new suppliers and/or partners (we are strong believers in vertical integration), and therefore welcome proposals from any interested parties at our contact details below.