We have manganese assets that are located in Indonesian West Timor, immediately next to the already producing SMR manganese mine.


The mining locations have been explored over the previous decade, with initial surveys by the Indonesian state geologists and subsequent surveys by the private company that secured the mining licenses which Aurora now holds. Aurora itself has conducted geophysical surveys and trenching/drilling throughout the licensed areas.

Manganese:    44 - 58 %

Uses of Manganese:


Ninety percent of all manganese in the world is used in the steel industry as a reagent to reduce oxygen and sulfur. The steel industry uses around 85% to 90% of total manganese production. High-grade manganese is also used in the production of batteries and the production of potassium permanganate and other compounds, as electrode coatings for welding rods, manganese compounds are also used as dryers for flax oil, glass bleachers and textiles, dyes, tanners and molds.

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We carry out mining operations using the most effective technologies and equipment, with the key to our success being the high qualification of our employees, their experience and ability.

Detailed engineering and design for washing plant and associated infrastructure is being prepared.

Long lead item procurement is commencing, including:

• Generators

• Fabrication of special material equipment


Early construction works are in process, including:

• Mining camp

• Water/power utilities

• Site infrastructure

• Earth works

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EMD is produced from natural manganese ore during its processing. The ore is first calcined at 700–950 C in an oxidizing atmosphere which is then leached at 70–100 C using spent electrolyte containing H2SO4 and MnSO4, and then filtered. The residue is washed with water and dried to obtain activated MnO2 as a by-product. The filtrate is then electrolyzed to obtain EMD. In a similar manner, it is produced from pyrolusite ore (MnO2 88.71, Fe 1.11, Al2O3 0.7, SiO2 0.5%) by roasting at 800 C for 1.5 h followed by leaching the roasted ore with spent electrolyte containing 50 g L1 H2SO4 at 80 C for 3 h which is then filtered to obtain a leach liquor containing MnSO4 used for the preparation of EMD.



Our high-grade manganese ore is proceeded using a proprietary hydrometallurgy process, to derive manganese-sulfate, which is then directly used in the manufacture of rechargeable battery cells.

The process is optimized for the production of rechargeable battery precursors, rather than for large-scale metallurgy. This allows the construction of a smaller scale plant, which is specifically targeted at the more profitable sulfate production instead of being oriented towards the declining metallurgical market.

The tropical location of our concessions and plant, with constant 28°C - 34°C temperatures, provides additional energy savings during the hydrometallurgy process.