Regional Distributors

We are committed to creating long-term partnerships with our distributors. You will be able to rely on expert support professionals, staff training and other benefits of working directly with the manufacturer.


We are interested in attracting distributors:

  • Actively developing sales

  • Have a strong position in local markets

  • Possessing marketing resources to promote products


We are open for cooperation and we invite regional distribution companies with a developed sales network to dialogue.

If you are ready to work on a fixed territory within the framework of an agreed pricing policy, we will be happy to discuss the conditions for joint activities.

We expect partners to be willing to participate in the development of plans for the development of quantitative and qualitative distribution.

Also, a necessary condition for interaction is your ability to carry out activities to promote our products in the distribution channels available in the fixed territory.

We are open to discussions with regional distributors who are interested in expanding our distribution network of rechargeable battery cells as well as the precursor powders that we produce, and therefore welcome proposals from any interested parties at our contact details below.