We work with an affiliated contractor for our mining exploration and production operations, as well as with a number of independent contractors who offer unique skill sets that we require.

Success is a partnership. We, on our part, provide all possible conditions for the execution of the work by the contractor and fulfill all our obligations as provided for by the contract agreement.


When choosing a contractor, of paramount importance are:

  • Goodwill and readiness to answer all questions

  • Professionalism, work experience

  • Work in accordance with the law

  • Technical support

  • Professional and specialized staff who know their business

  • Mobility in decision making, reactions, work for the organization

  • Quality assurance in the performance of work

The success of the whole complex of works at a facility of any scale depends largely on the relationship between the customer and the contractor, on values such as respect and responsibility to each other.

In working with contractors, we always strive to: 

  • Guarantee the protection of people, the environment and assets

  • Manage the safety and quality of work of temporarily employed workers

  • Get access to advanced project management techniques to avoid disruptions, loss of productivity, and schedule irregularities

We are also always open to discussions with new contractors and/or partners (we are strong believers in vertical integration), and therefore welcome proposals from any interested parties at our contact details below.