Aurora Hi-Tech Power Elements

Aurora Hi-Tech Power Elements is part of Aurora Group, which is made up of a number of specialized companies with a large network of partners around the world.

Aurora Group has a strong foothold and a large network throughout Southeast Asia, with comprehensive access to this growing market. Our main focus lies in the mining sector but we have also expanded to pursue a number of projects in high technology areas to maximize our synergies and take advantage of a number of regional developments.

Innovation, investments in research and development, and strategic foresight are the principles that Aurora Group has shared throughout its history.


Aurora Hi-Tech Power Elements owns Nickel, Manganese, Cobalt, and Coal mining concessions, and is developing its assets in a manner where the application of our technical approach unlocks significant value for our customers, partners and investors.

Our strengths


Aurora Hi-Tech Power Elements is based on the concept of vertical integration - spanning from Nickel, Manganese, and Cobalt mining, to processing, and to NMC powder and rechargeable cell manufacturing.

Profit Optimization

By being a fully integrated business - from mining to rechargeable battery cell production - we are able to take advantage of a highly reliable supply chain and to increase profitability by having the majority of inputs, and power, as internal costs.

Unparalleled Team

Our team combines experience in the mining sector, in international business, investment, and legal issues, with substantial regional and country-specific experience of on-the-ground operations.


We believe in taking advantage of technological developments, both in our products, which are targeted at the ever-growing markets that rely on battery storage, and in our mining, processing and manufacturing processes.